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MGCyber Networks, part of MGCyber Group was started in 2004 to cater specialized data and network needs of parent company and its client. It was incorporated to emphasis on data and hosting services. Gradually started to serve general hosting clients also. Since we always emphasized on quality and reliability even if we had to compromise on our benefit, the growing user base of happy clients encouraged us to expand our operations to various parts of the world. Now through our various partners and collaborations through these years, we operate our own network from multiple locations worldwide.

We have been fortunate to serve clients closely and our will to go extra mile to provide them support has paid us well. Now with customer base of thousands of satisfied client encourage us to work even harder and venture into new avenues.

Continued effort for delivering reliable services and willing to go extra mile to provide support helped us to build a happy client base.


Through all of the growth and all of the added service offerings our mission has never changed. ie. to always provide our customers with a solution and environment that gives them suitable opportunities to achieve success in their digital venture through us. To us this means providing incredibly reliable solutions that allow our customers to focus on running their business with peace and assurance.

This can only be achieved with maintaining a certain level of culture and dedication towards our customer which we always worked for. It also means that we have to work on effective price point where your business can flourish without worrying about quality and practicality.

Now every day we serves a large number of virtual servers, hosting clients and bare metal servers. Not only for today, we are also equipped to meet the ever increasing demand of quality services from our customers worldwide.